Dr. Greg Clausen Greg didn’t always know he wanted to be a veterinarian, but has been largely influenced by his experiences on the family farm in Fairfield. After all, it was there that Greg developed his respect for manual labor and his love for beef cattle, but also where he learned the finer skills in life like how to make a good pie. His grandmother never cut corners; she still tends to the garden, makes a pancake breakfast every morning, and delivers root beer floats to the boys on hot summer afternoons of harvest season. This work ethic continues to motivate Greg.

Inspired by his sister, Greg considered a career in genetic research. He studied Biology and Chemistry and completed a genetics based honors thesis and publication while attending Carroll College. But after heavy deliberation, Greg realized he wanted more from life than grant proposals, committee meetings, and peer reviews.

During his first year in Oregon, Greg became familiar with the staff, students, and curriculum at Oregon State University and encouraged by his wife, decided to pursue medicine. Once enrolled, he thought surely he would find himself working by way of flashlight at 3 am on the coldest days of the year; bovine medicine was all he had really ever known. But it didn’t take long for Greg to discover a new passion - radiology. Still, Greg couldn’t completely dismiss his previous aspirations. In addition to his regular studies, he found a way to combine his long time admiration for cattle and the uncharted territory of imaging, completing another research project eligible for publication.

After graduation and while pursuing his interests in radiology, Greg completed a small animal rotating internship at Auburn University and has since shifted his focus to companion animal medicine. Like Misty, Greg couldn’t wait to return to Montana where he continues to enjoy the challenges of radiology and internal medicine.

Greg has been described as competitive, passionate, determined, and curious. Greg is committed to providing the best medicine he can for his patients and is dedicated to expanding his knowledge to remain on the forefront of care. He believes that there is something to be learned from every case, regardless of how routine it may seem. And although the path to this point was long and imperfect, the destination has been worth the journey.
Practice Owner/Veterinarian
Dr. Misty Clausen Misty has always found comfort in the quiet calm that comes from the company of animals. As a child she was drawn to shows like David the Gnome and ER Vets, and as she grew so did her desire for the vet life. While many other children had a revolving answer for the age old question “what are you going to be when you grow up”, Misty never doubted her purpose. But the road to becoming a veterinarian is hard and how was a child of humble beginnings going to get there? One word: determination. Motivated by the advice that being happy requires being brave enough to listen to your heart, Misty became the first in her family to go to college. She studied Biology and the human-animal bond at Carroll College and considers her time there to be some of the most inspired years of her life. She forged lifelong friendships, met her husband, and found her appreciation for canine behavior and training.

After Carroll, Misty spent 3 years as a veterinary assistant, developing technical skills to compliment her academic knowledge in preparation for vet school. More importantly, this experience led to her philosophy that exceptional care takes more than great doctors and fancy equipment, it requires a team of compassionate people all dedicated to patient comfort and the understanding that no one is above getting their hands dirty. It was also during this time that Misty met her mentor who continues to inspire her to never stop learning and growing, personally and professionally.

Misty attended Oregon State University and although she studied both large and small animal medicine, she has always had an affinity for companion animals. As she moved through those four years, her interests continued to diversify. Along with behavior, Misty developed a passion for preventative medicine, dentistry, and reproduction. But despite its beauty, Oregon never felt like home and Misty was happy to return to Montana to continue practicing medicine.

The people closest to Misty describe her as genuine, compassionate, honest, and hard-working. But perhaps her most notable quality is humor. She’s quick witted, talks to animals as if they will suddenly talk back, and finds that making people smile is the gift that keeps on giving. Misty considers her dogs to be more than pets, they are family. What Misty admires most about animals is that they will never try to fix you with words; instead they are content to sit with you in the dark until you find the light.
Practice Owner/Veterinarian
Jill Axe I am a lover of animals, a calmer of humans, and a clinic necessity. I am a veterinarian Technician. Only a person who loves a challenge would take on a patient who can’t tell them where it hurts. Having the empathy to communicate to clients and pets, Jill jumps on every opportunity to heal patients and their owners. Jill can be found in the outdoors with her family enjoying Montana’s wilderness. Jill rescued a handsome cat named Hawkeye, an American bulldog named Chloe, a Catahoula mix named Chance, and a beautiful kitten named tiger lily. If Jill could rescue them all, she would. Veterinary Technician Kinsey Myrstol Kinsey is usually the first one you see when you walk in the door. Large coffee in one hand and a smile on her face and remembers your pets name before she remembers yours. Kinsey is a Montana native, growing up in Southwest Montana. She is passionate about wildlife conservation and loves spending time outdoors, camping fishing and hiking. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and drawing…you guessed it animals…

“I love working somewhere where I can constantly learn something new. I always knew I wanted to work with animals and working with these great people makes it worth while in so many ways.”
Kelsey Loper I have my share of battle scars. I worry my wardrobe has more hair than my pet. I am a paw holder and vaccine giver. I am a blood drawer and wound dresser. I am a voice for those who don’t have one. I am a critter fixer for life. I am a veterinarian technician and I help save lives. Who didn’t want to work in a veterinary hospital when they were a kid? Everyone working at a vet clinic loves animals, but that’s not why Kelsey became a certified veterinary technician. Veterinary medicine is always changing and everyday is something new. Kelsey loves the chaotic days and is always looking for ways to grow her knowledge and techniques to improve vet med. Being an outdoors women, she can be found running the mountains during hunting season or catching big catfish on the Musselshell River.

Kelsey trains mustangs and enjoys hiking/camping with her bloodhound Tracer and border collie Jigs.
Certified Veterinary Technician
Grace Lee I grew up on a little farm in Idaho, dreaming about being a Veterinarian. Like many, I love animals and I love to learn about them. My German Shorthair Scarlet, has always been by my side to keep my dream alive. Working at Livingston Veterinary Hospital is helping my dream come true thanks to all of my coworkers and every pet that comes to visit. When I am not learning at the clinic, I am usually outside with friends, hiking, swimming or watching the sun go down. Kennel/Veterinary Assistant