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4 Ways to Help Your Pet Stay Happy and Healthy

Your furry pal is a constant companion who showers you with love and devotion, so you want to keep them happy and healthy for many years to come. There’s no better way to reward your beloved pet for their lifetime of adoration than by ensuring their good health. To keep your pet in tip-top shape, [...]

The Heart of the Matter: Understanding Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Pets

Our four-legged companions are family, and over time, pet parents are able to recognize the most subtle changes in how their pets feel or behave. From missing a meal to turning down their favorite treat or ignoring their favorite toy, recognizing when our pets are sick or not feeling well is easy. However, some illnesses, [...]

Planning for Your Pet’s Future: Understanding Pet Health Insurance

Welcoming a four-legged friend into your family ensures a life full of joy, wet noses, wagging tails, and lots of cuddles. Pets are the best listeners and are loyal, faithful friends, so we naturally want to do everything we can to ensure they are healthy and happy throughout their lives. However, caring for your grey [...]

Holiday Feasts and Happy Hounds: What Is and Is Not Safe for Your Pet

Does the smell of a roasting turkey make your mouth water? It certainly does your pet’s. Holiday celebrations are a time we often indulge in our favorite rich, savory foods that your pets may also find irresistible, but which can be hazardous, and sometimes life-threatening to them. Read on to learn what’s safe and what [...]

Anesthesia Safety Q & A

At Livingston Veterinary Hospital, we always consider the risks and benefits to your pet for any procedure that requires anesthesia. If the procedure will improve your pet’s quality of life, and they are a good anesthesia candidate, we typically will recommend you have the procedure performed to give your pet the best quality of life [...]

Microchipping: It’s Like Magic

No one wants to be separated from their pet—for their cherished family member to become stressed and alone. But despite our best efforts, many pets become lost. A 2016 survey found that 77% of missing dogs were never returned to their homes. The percentage was higher for cats, at 96%. Don’t you wish we could [...]

7 Cool Ways to Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

Although summer is slowly winding down, it’s no time to relax your guard about keeping your furry pal safe from the season’s heat, because temperatures you may consider mild can pose a threat to your fur-coat-wearing pet. At Livingston Veterinary Hospital, we want to help keep your best friend safe from harm, so follow these [...]

Pets and Parasites From the Pests’ Perspective

Question: What is a parasite? Answer: A parasite is defined as an organism that survives by taking what it needs from its host, while providing no benefit in return.  Q: Do we have to worry about parasites in pets?  A: Numerous parasites can infest your pets, most commonly fleas, ticks, and heartworms. Let’s investigate these [...]

Heartworm: Prevent the Parasite

It's a beautiful Montana day, so you decide to take your dogs, Daisy and Sally, for a hike, which they love. Unfortunately, after days of heavy rain, the weather has warmed up, and mosquitos are out in full-force. When you get home, you pick up the mail, which includes a reminder that both your dogs [...]

5 Ways to Provide Extra Love to Your Senior Pet

Your senior pet has shown you a lifetime of love and devotion, always there for you through thick and thin, and you want to ensure they feel happy and cared for until the end of their days. Although your pet is getting older, you don’t have to automatically think about the end. Instead, focus on [...]

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