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Tips to Prepare Pets for the Back-to-School Transition

A new school year brings many changes to your family’s schedule, and these changes can be stressful for pets who thrive on predictability. Like human family members, pets need time and support to adjust to a new routine. Our Livingston Veterinary Hospital team shares tips to help you ensure a safe and stress-free back-to-school transition [...]

What Dog Owners Should Know About Parvovirus

Parvovirus poses a significant risk to puppies and unvaccinated dogs, and this highly contagious disease is often fatal if not treated appropriately. Our Livingston Veterinary Hospital team knows how devastating parvovirus can be, and we offer information about this condition and explain how you can decrease your dog’s risk. Canine parvovirus basics Canine parvovirus-1 (CPV-1) [...]

What is a Zoonotic Disease?

Pets have lived alongside people for thousands of years, providing companionship and protection, performing specific jobs, and improving lives. But, unfortunately, despite all the good that pets add to your life, they also have the potential to transmit harmful diseases to the humans in your household.  Zoonotic diseases are transmissible between pets and people. Public [...]

Keeping Pets with Noise Aversion Safe on July Fourth

Most pets are startled by loud noises, but up to two-thirds of dogs go beyond the basic startle response and feel anxiety or fear for minutes to hours after the noise. This diagnosable anxiety disorder is called noise aversion. Unfortunately, most pet owners don’t realize their pets are affected and do not seek treatment, especially [...]

Pet Kidney Failure 101

Numerous factors can contribute to kidney failure, a potentially life-threatening condition for your pet. The kidneys are critical for numerous important bodily functions, including waste removal, water conservation, red blood cell production, electrolyte and mineral balance, blood pressure regulation, and protein preservation. The Livingston Veterinary Hospital team knows that healthy kidneys are important for your [...]

Keep Your Kids Safe Around Pets

A child who grows up with an animal often develops a special bond and lifelong friendship with their pet. Many pets endure children’s antics. Your pet may patiently comply with their favorite small human dressing them up and squeezing them tight with delight. However, some pets are unable to tolerate this loving attention. Therefore, to [...]

5 Ways to Set Up Your Puppy for Success

Few experiences in our lives are better than bringing home a squishy, wiggly, roly-poly puppy. However, raising a rambunctious, curious, razor-toothed puppy is not for the faint of heart. If you are thinking about adopting a puppy or have a recent pup addition to your family, this post is for you. A puppy is not [...]

B.R.U.S.H Your Pet’s Teeth for Dental Health

Your pet’s dental health is important—so important, that the entire month of February is dedicated to spreading awareness about the issue. Yes—February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and to celebrate, our Livingston Veterinary Hospital team explains why your pet’s dental health matters, and how you can protect your pet from periodontal disease.  Use the [...]

Train, Don’t Complain—5 Tips for Training Your Dog

January is not only the time to set your intentions for the next 365 days—it’s also National Dog Training Month. To recognize both, the Livingston Veterinary Hospital suggests that you make teaching your four-legged companion to become man's best friend one of your New Year’s resolutions.  While the advantages of a well-trained dog seem obvious—they [...]

Mind Your Manners! Behaviors for Polite Pups

Dog training is more than directing your dog to sit and stay. Through effective training, your dog learns important life skills that help them manage their emotions, control their impulses, and respond appropriately to you and their environment. Although you are likely familiar with the joke about the obedience school dropout, untrained dogs are no [...]

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